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Tailoring content to suit a particular audience is critical to maximizing the benefits. For mobile operators, delivering tailored content relies on the portal through which it is accessed and delivered.

Javna provides expert software development services to customize any portal to meet the requirements of the mobile operator. Using dedicated software teams, Javna can instantly and flexibly expand the development capacity of any mobile operator, offer software upgrade and management services, and even host server-based information resources.


In addition to alleviating development and maintenance costs, Javna's skills can ensure the implementation of the latest developments, keeping every operator's service delivery at the cutting-edge of available technology - and all using internationally-recognized standards.

Javna works in partnership to determine every organization's requirements understand the strategy and, ultimately, seamlessly integrate both the processes and the technology.


Javna Management Consulting Services has experienced consultants with global insight and market-leading tools to help customers meet their business objectives. Javna can help maximize every client's performance by:
Providing customers with integrated consulting services, from strategy through to implementation
Building long-term relationships with customers - and sharing the risks and rewards
Being committed to successful outcomes
Bringing customers lasting organizational value.


Javna Management Consulting services allows organizations to utilize to our experience and expertise to improve performance and enhance service delivery. With unrivalled global insight, dedicated consultants, and a range of software and development tools, Javna can offer a number of services to help customers meet their business objectives.

Javna Management Consulting can deliver a number of benefits to any organization or mobile carrier, and this is facilitated by:
Providing customers with integrated consulting services - from strategy through implementation
Building long-term relationships with customers - sharing the risks and rewards
Demonstrating a commitment to successful outcomes
Delivering organizational value and lasting impact through our motivated professionals, who have global experience in our selected markets

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