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Technology should enable swift delivery of information - not be a barrier to it. Javna's Epicenter® product ensures compatibility to all mobile handsets, with both the optimum technology and the best relationships with mobile networks and international content providers.
This three-sided approach ensures effective, streamlined and, most importantly, real-time access to the information, data and multimedia content they demand over GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Mobile Data Network.


Javna's Epicenter® Mobile Applications products provide the essential bridge between the content provider and the mobile network and, ultimately, the end-user. This includes a host of network based mobile applications that currently include:
Epicenter® Mobile Stock Exchange
Epicenter® Mobile Directory Information - Yellow Pages
Epicenter® Mobile NewsCaster
Epicenter® Mobile Advertisements
Epicenter® Mobile Property Finder
Epicenter® Mobile My Backup

The benefits for organizations range from offering additional revenue streams, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, increased customer retention and satisfaction, and marketplace profile.

Mobile operators can benefit from increased network traffic, additional services, customer retention new revenue sources, and opportunities to differentiate against other mobile operators.

Epicenter's® Smart Phone Applications enable all organizations and operators to:
Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile communications by reducing required mobile network links and average cost of message delivery
Improve revenues and brand coverage by increasing usage time
Reduce content delivery costs through integrated distribution system
Broaden revenue streams through integration of syndicated content, advertising, and services
Reduce costs by enabling third parties to easily integrate

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