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Nothing is static. As consumers, customers and clients become increasingly mobile, so must their means of work - and play. Organizations seeking the widest outlet for their message and media companies trying to expand their reach are having to adapt to the new opportunities provided by on-demand content delivery. The changing nature of mobile phone use now incorporates entertainment, news and information as essential features of network provision. The consequences are clear; content has to find the consumer.

Javna's Mobile Media Division has developed to meet the requirements of mobile content delivery, evolving into a market-leading provider of mobile media technology, network coverage and handset compatibility. Javna can provide the full mobile media package - sourcing, formatting and delivering content to service the on-demand generation, wherever they are.


Javna's objective is to become the principal global provider of mobile media solutions, incorporating the delivery of the best platform, network, technological compatibility and, importantly, relationships with content providers. With major corporations, media conglomerates and entertainment brands as partners, Javna's technology will support mobile business applications, interactive messaging, entertainment, advertising and mobile data - all of which will extend existing brand reach.

Javna is set to be at the forefront of these new media venues, enabling access to customers and clients currently beyond the reach of today's organizations. At the heart of Javna's technological expertise are the Epicenter® platform and the RedRabbit,content-hosting service, a combination that supports both global messaging and a complete mobile media network.

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