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Providing information on time and on demand is critical when providing the optimum service to today's customer - whether a large multinational corporation or a high-street consumer. The demand for mobile working, flexible services and tailored, personalized information is increasing exponentially, and every organization needs the ability to deliver a range of products and services to suit both modern lifestyles and working practices.

Javna's Technology and Consulting Division is one of the leading wireless software firms, able to meet the challenge of information access and delivery via mobile handsets with world-class technological solutions.


Javna's mission is clear. With the solid foundation of technological excellence, Javna is well placed to achieve the long-held goal of becoming the premier wireless software solutions firm in the Middle East and Europe. With market-leading expertise being sought by both mobile carriers and major enterprises to enhance customer service provision and information access, Javna is already a trusted partner in the delivery of real-time messaging, data access and customer interactivity.

The central pillar of this excellence is Epicenter®, a powerful platform able to provide the network reach, the network capacity and the technological compatibility to ensure the broadest possible scope for any mobile messaging and information access requirements.

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