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Entrepreneur of the Week: Mansour Mansour Co-founder of Javna in Jordan [Wamda TV]  (2 Januray 2013)

Entrepreneur of the week today on Wamda is Mansour Mansour, anentrepreneur, CEO of Javna in Jordan offering mobile media and technology solutions, and considered as an innovation house in the space of mobile and social web. Mansour, was eager to bring to the Middle East success stories he had previously worked on in the west.

Javna was launched in 2001 with a vision of filling a gap in the wireless data industry worldwide and the Arabic region, while at the time instant messaging was the most commercially feasible way of accessing and delivering information through electronic devices. Mansour explains that Javna was growing as the industry itself was still growing in the telecommunication field and matured more into an advertising model.

Throughout his journey, Mansour faced global and local challenges and he says the biggest was educating investors to the technology culture at the beginning to convince them to invest in such projects.

Mansour also co-founded MobiAd, MobiNet, Javi, Banam and the newly launched Maraya all serving the mobile and the social networks industries.


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