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Javna Mobile Media Network



A fully serviced, hosted, integrated, and interactive media network that will provide and support  new innovative venues for delivering and accessing business information and content, as well as  advertising and entertainment to mobile users via mobile operators and corporations, over wireless networks.


            JMN has three major components:


§         MobiAd

An innovative mobile advertising management platform that enables advertisers to fulfill the potential of delivering a highly relevant experience, to their audience, via mobile handsets. MobiAd offers advertisers a wide array of advertising criteria as well as advanced profile targeting features that include options for determining where, when, and how the advertisements are delivered.


§         MobiNet


Mobinet provides a groundbreaking technology that allows enterprises to enjoy a distinctive and strategic presence on the mobile network .It allows users to utilize their mobile handsets and to access relevant information in the form of text, audio, or video using real time update and content management capabilities over a user friendly interface.


§         Javna Social & Communication Network –Javi


Javi is an on device portal that enables users to freely communicate with each other using Javi protocol, provides social network mobile services and access to online content.

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