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Javna Umniah launches smartphone application for viewing and watching ads and targeted promotions  (2 April 2013)

In line with its recognition to the importance of smartphones applications and adapting them to better serve the market of advertising, publicity, and the consumer, Umniah and in cooperation with "Javna", a company that specializes in wireless communication solutions, digital media, and content application, has recently launched "MobiAd" through its advertising platform that allows the user to access and view advertisements and offers that suit them in an unprecedented fun and non-intrusive manner.

The participants will also receive instant prizes for activating the service in addition to continuous awards for watching the advertisements.

The application is considered to be the first of its kind in the local market and the region, as it offers users with the ability to access and view advertisements and useful targeted promotions that suit their personal needs;the application also provides a platform for advertisers to benefit from this new mobile advertisement space,relying on the continuous spread of smartphones that accounts for a 50% share of mobile phones used by Jordanians.

MobiAd was developed by the Jordanian "Javna" Company is designed to accommodate advertisements and promotions targeting interested groups in a given set of ads, whereby Javna will simultaneously be the sales arm that attracts advertisers to seize the advantages of this advertising space.

Based on its partnership with Javna, Umniah adds a new dimension to digital advertising via smartphones, which provides advertising benefits and channeled interest with the ability to watch offers in an intriguing way, serving the interests of both users and advertisers.

This new application, which can be downloaded via the link (Umniah.com/ads), targets all of Umniah's prepaid subscribers to the smartphone services, whereby Umniah will provide its customers with the opportunity to win instant prizes for the first users to run the application worth three dinars of credit, a 500MB package, or additional free minutes for each advertisement viewed.

Umniah's Director of Marketing Omar Al Omoush explained that this new service achieves two objectives, the first is to cater for Umniah customers using smartphones by providing advertisements and promotions via their handheld devices, in a manner that targets customers in accordance to their interests and needs, while the second is to provide a convenient service for advertisers who wish to promote their products through an ideal platform such as smartphones applications.

Al Omoush added that the application on the other hand confirms Umniah's strong support to the Jordanian content company that is specialized in all aspects of the users' daily life in the field of advertising, which was quickly embraced by the digital environment.

Javna's CEO Mansour Mansour stated: "The creation of MobiAd is aimed at meeting the growing corporate demand for modern and innovative marketing channels that guarantee the achievement of ad campaign objectives on one hand, and satisfying the targeted customers on the other. This in itself is a stern challenge that pushed the research and development team to reconcile the two requirements cleverly. Contrary to conventional advertising methods that lack accuracy and direction, it will be possible for companies and advertising agencies to target the intended segment of end consumers in a modern and more interactive fashion. Customers will also be able to voluntarily join any of the marketing programs launched at the moment or later in time, each according to their personal interests with a chance to win valuable prizes. One key factor that contributed in the successful conception ofMobiAd is our deep understanding of the communications and media market thanks to our strong relationship with telecom companies, particularly with Umniah."
Umniah and in cooperation with 'Javna' has recently launched 'MobiAd'.
Umniah and in cooperation with 'Javna' has recently launched 'MobiAd'.

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