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Javna Umniah launches smartphone application for viewing and watching ads and targeted promotions
In line with its recognition to the importance of smartphones applications and adapting them to better serve the market of advertising, publicity..
Entrepreneur of the Week: Mansour Mansour Co-founder of Javna in Jordan [Wamda TV]  (2 Januray 2013)
Entrepreneur of the week today on Wamda is Mansour Mansour, anentrepreneur, CEO of Javna..
Mobiad Lunched on google play
MobiAd is a complete mobile ads delivery application, enabling brand owners to post their brand and ads using innovative delivery channels for targeted audience..

Featured Products and Services
  Epicenter® Messaging Gateway Epicenter® MESSAGING GATEWAY
This is a high- performance, next- generation messaging platform for sending and...
  Epicenter® Data Access Connectivity (DAC) Epicenter® DATA ACCESS CONNECTIVITY (DAC)
This tool is the essential technological bridge between the end-user and...
  Mobile Newscaster Javna Mobile Media Network “JMN”
A fully serviced, hosted, integrated, and interactive media network...

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  CNBC Arabiya Our partner in Mobile TV and many other future mobile services...  
       Fastlink - Jordan Our partner in many VAS messaging products...  
  Yellow Pages - Jordan Our partner in Mobile Yellow Pages services...  

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